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The Micro Switch For The Computer Mouse
- Dec 23, 2017 -

Huizhou Greetech Electronics Co., Ltd micro switch G10 series are developed for electronic products application. It is a new kind of micro switch for mouse, home appliance, alarm, testing machine, electric knife and calculator ect. We specifically discuss the G10 micro switch for the mouse.

The micro switch in the mouse is a component that a metal reed adopted in the internal is triggered. Once the button of the mouse is pressed, the silver point of the front of the metal reed in the micro switch is triggered with its below contact angle, then causing an electric signal is transmitted from the circuit through the computer, and then the button is reset automatically. The below of all the button of the mouse must have a micro switch or a touch switch. So the micro switch is really the button for the mouse virtually. The function of the button on the mouse case is convenient for user to press the micro switch. Nowadays not only has the micro switch been in the mouse, also can be used in other kinds of toys.

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The common mouse is easily damaged after a period of time, and most of the mouse damaged is caused by the key failure. The probability of failure of other components inside of the mouse is very little. The key to determine whether the mouse button is sensitive is the micro switch below of the button. The reason is not only the button is used more frequently, but also some fake manufacturers use the bad quality micro switch. We can change our mouse a better micro switch, so the button pressing feel of the mouse is more comfortable and the using time will be also continued. So we can have a good time when we use our mouse, especially play the computer games. Welcome to visit Greetech website if you have relevant requirements:

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