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Huizhou Greetech Electronics New Product Launch
- Dec 02, 2017 -

The notebook (laptop) develops so fast and it is so closely connected with people’s daily life, Nowadays the people is seeking for its thin and light weight for portability, in order to comply with the market demands, manufacturer is seeking new materials to make it happen.


Mechanical keyboard switch as an indispensable component of personal computer or laptop, its size and mechanical life will greatly affect the user’s feelings about notebook. The keyboard as the input bridge we have access to the internet, the mechanical keyboard switch under the keycap is affecting the keyboard’s life also. Now Greetech launch a Ultrathin mechanical keyboard switch-1.6mm travel to follow this trend, following are features of this new switch:-

mechanical keyboard switch

-With tactile sound of smooth mute for selection

-Feel smooth and natural, no touch key angle card lag phenomenon

-Life can reach more than 10 million times

-Can be equipped with RGB-LED lights added colorful backlight

-Patent products, the world’s first

ultra-thin keyboard switch

As a professional switches supplier with around 30 years OEM experience. We take quality as the first priority as it will decide whether a company can go further or just stop moving ahead. so many efforts are contributed to control switch quality. We are moving forward and on the way to take the leading role in this industry. Also,  welcome to login in our website: and email us on this: