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Huizhou Greetech Electronics Mechanical Keyboard Switch
- May 11, 2018 -

Mechanical keyswitch is a kind of electronic switch manufactured by Huizhou Greetech Electronics Co.,Ltd. The mechanical keyboard switch is mainly used for computer keyboards, cash registers, industrial equipment and man-machine interfaces. 


GT02 mechanical keyboard switch is Greetech core competent product and we started a very close relationship with world well-known keyboard brands. The features of GT02 mechanical keyboard switch have desktop profile, 0.6 inch (15.2mm) from PCB (no keycap). The choices of feel can be divided into linear, soft tactile, click tactile with PCB or frame mount. Its working life can reach 50 million cycles. We have LED, diode or jumper option.


 Huizhou Greetech Electronics Co.,Ltd is an experienced mechanical keyboard switch factory and manufacturer, all keyswitches have been realized automatically manufacturing. In addition, mechanical keyboard switch also can be used for kids toys. So the mechanical keyboard switch application is changing constantly as time moves forward. For more details, welcome to visit our website: