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Greetech G9 Series Micro Switch Have Got Explosion-proof Certificate
- May 04, 2018 -

Greetech G9 series is a kind of micro switch which is widely applied in automobile control. This switch is specially developed by Greetech for car applications. For its strict requirement for automobile control, we attach great importance to G9 series quality control and safety testing. Recently, our G9 series micro switches have successfully passed explosion-proof certification, which means our G9 series micro switch has got further recognition by international certification authority. It is a great progress we have made on micro switch safety certification. 


Explosion-proof certificate is mainly used to confirm the electronic components and equipment comply to the explosion-proof standard requirement, model testing and related experiments and issue relevant certificates. This certificate is mainly for Ex equipments or Ex electronic components. It is not easy to get this certificate as it is really difficult to pass the testing and experiments.G9系列防爆认证证书.png


Huizhou Greetech Electronics Co.,Ltd is professional micro switch manufacturer, we aim to supply the best quality weather-proof and explosion-proof micro switch for worldwide clients. Welcome to get more detailed information about our micro switch: