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The Principle of Air Pressure Switch
- Jan 12, 2018 -

Air pressure switch, also known as air pressure breaker, is one of the circuit breakers. It is a switch that automatically disconnects when the current exceeds the rated current in the circuit. Air pressure switch is a very important electrical appliance in low voltage distribution network and power drive system. It combines control and multiple protection functions. In addition to the contact and breaking circuit, it can protect the circuit or electrical equipment in short circuit, severe overload and under voltage, and can also be used to infrequently starting motor. 

When the line is overload, the overload current cannot make the electromagnetic trip action, but it can make the heat element produces a certain quantity of heat, prompting bimetallic strip heated bending upwards, push the lever to separate the hook from the lock, and then break the main contact, cut off the power. When the line short-circuit or serious overload current, the short-circuit current exceeds the instantaneous tripping over setting current value, electromagnetic trip generate enough suction, pull the armature and hit the lever, so that the hook around a shaft seat up and separate from the lock. The lock in reaction under the action of the spring will break the three pairs of main contactor, then cut off power.

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