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Ten Precautions of Micro Switch
- Jan 13, 2018 -

1. When installing the micro switch, it is important to be careful. If the attack is loose during welding, it must be strengthened in time to avoid falling off.

2. When the switch stops for two welding, it is necessary to dry the product to normal temperature to stop welding again, so as to avoid deformation of the material and easily cause to fall off.

3. Be careful that not to use washboard water.

4. When using the switch, be careful that not to overexert it to avoid the damage.

5. Try not to be destructive.

6. When used, press the center position as far as possible so as not to cause damage to the parts.

7. After installation, please contact the after-sales maintenance for the problem of the welding process.

8. As for the corrosive gas materials that occur during the installation of welding process, the damage caused by the switch will also be dangerous and must be taken care of before use.

9. As for the model of not sealing, the foreign body can enter the outside of the switch, which can cause short circuit, please pay attention.

10. The last and most important point is to avoid touching the switch with a wet hand.

waterproof micro switch

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