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Some Knowledge About Limit Switch
- Jan 13, 2018 -
The limit switch is the main component that restricts the position of the working
machine andusually occurs at the end of the work machine. It is also known as terminal switch.
In a tape recorder, we often use some function, for example, the fast-forward, inverted tape and so on.The tape 
will turn rapidlyafter the functions has been operated, but it stops automatically when it reaches the end of the tape.
The limit switch played a role again, this time the action was not caused by a collision but increaseby a sudden in
 the tension of the tape.

However, the limit switch plays a biggest role in industry.I will take an example of the machine tool. The machine
tool uses the limit switch to control the movement of the workpiece or the automatic feed to avoid the collision accident.
Sometimes, the limit switch allows the controlled object to automatically change the direction between the two positions
and thus obtaining continuous reciprocating motion, such as a car with automatic loading. When the car reach the destination
and touch the limit switch, it will contact a function that will automatically turn over the material in the car and go back to the
origin.After reaching the origin, the switch is touched and the circuit of the loading mechanism is connected which start to
automatically loading.This is an automatic production line.

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