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How To Seperate Micro Switch ?
- Jan 04, 2018 -

Micro switch is a switch with small contact intervals and fast moving mechanism. It is covered with a shell which has a drive rod. Micro switch is also named as sensitive switch, because these switches have smaller contact spacing.


But how to separate micro switches?

We can use soldering iron and tin wire to connect the three feet of micro switch. When the tin is heated again, it can be achieved the purpose of melting together and then wait a moment. We use a pair of gold tweezers to clip the top of micro switch, then heat the top three points again. After melting three feet of tin, we will bend to the front of micro switch to make the three feet of micro switch raise about 0.3mm, but we should bend it gently, quickly and repeatedly heat the two solder points in front of micro switch. When the solder is melted, we will separate the two feet of micro switch. Finally, we should bend the three solder points forward a bit, the micro switch can be removed smoothly after heating. 

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