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General Information About Micro Switch or Snap Action Switch
- Jan 09, 2018 -

Micro switch: it is a switch with small contact intervals and fast moving mechanism. Micro switch is covered with a shell which has a drive rod.Connection point: in the type of switches, the function of the switch is realized by the mechanical switch of the connection point.

Connection type: according to various of purposes, it will contact to be a connection point of electric to make the circle input or output.Rating:generally, it refers to the value which is the characteristic of switch and the assurance benchmarks of the performance,such as the electrical rating, electric voltage and so on. But the certain conditions are their premises, like the type, current,voltage, frequency and so on. Insulation resistance: it refers to the voltage value which contact between terminal and metal parts, the terminals and the electrically charged metal parts.

micro switch application for gas stove

Voltage resistance:the critical value of insulation damage will not be caused after the specified location heats 1 minute.Contact resistance:it represents the contact part of the connection point in the voltage, but generally indicates the resistance of the conductor with the spring and the terminal part. Vibration resistance: When micro switch is used, the connection point  is not separated within the stipulated time.Shock resistance:when micro switch is used, the contact point of the impact closure does not separate the impact range within the specified time.

micro switch coffee machine