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Eight Precautions for Using A Rocker Switch
- Jan 13, 2018 -

1. The rocker switch socket is old or damaged, which needs to be repaired and replaced in time.

2. When going out, sleeping or sudden power failure, it is necessary to stop the power supply in time, especially the electric heating appliance.

3. The rocker switch and socket shall be installed in a boring, clean and dusty-free position to avoid the occurrence of a fire caused by moisture corrosion and a short circuit of the rubber.

4. Lamp socket is easy to attack when overloaded. Therefore, electric irons, electric furnaces, air conditioners and other high-power electrical appliances can not be used in the lamp socket to avoid fire.

5. The rocker switch should be used to match the fuse. It is not allowed to arbitrarily change the fuses, especially the thickened melt, and not to replace the fuse with copper, aluminum, iron and other wire.

6. The extra current and extra voltage of the rocker switch and socket should be in line with the actual electricity consumption. Do not overload to avoid line overload and burn bakelite to form short circuit to cause fire.

7. The rocker switch should control the fire line, not connect to the zero line. Otherwise, the human body contact the pile line will also incur the electric shock. Once the rear ground is grounded, a short circuit or even a fire can occur.

8. Select the suitable switch and socket according to the total capacity of home appliances and the detailed application environment. The place of high humidity should choose fire switch and pull line switch. If there is a corrosive article or dust large room cannot install the rocker switch and socket, they should be installed outside. The place that has combustion, blast danger, should choose fire or explosion-proof switch and socket.

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